Профспілка "Захист Праці" (UNI, IUF)


“ZAKHYST PRATSI”: “Boryspil”’s builders are threaten by police to leave without money

Posted by admin на Липень 11, 2011

“Boryspil”’s airport builders are threaten by police to not pay their salary.

It is the sense of Kiev city trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi” (Defence of Labour) declaration.

Some trade union members have informed “Zakhyst Pratsi” about “systematic violations of labour legislation” at the building in “Boryspil” airport, which is conducted in the framework of Ukrainian preparations for Euro-2012.

According to builders, the employer refuses to sign official contract with them and doesn’t pay the salary.

“Moreover, unclear people, who demonstrate the IDs of the employees of Kiev Department of the Fighting Against Organized Criminality, are threatening the workers by massacre and imprisonment and demand to refuse of any claims regarding earned money. By this builders are forced to write the receipts with obligation not to have any financial demands to the subcontractor in “Boryspil” airport”, – is spoken in the information.

“Sickle and Hammer” (a structural branch of “Zakhyst Pratsi”) addressed to Office of Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Secret Service of Ukraine regarding above-mentioned facts and demands to call to account all responsible for these violations persons.

“Zakhyst Pratsi” trade union is a civil organization, which unites the citizens, which are connected via common interests for types of their professional (labour) activities. The aim of trade union’s work is representation and defence of labour and social-economical rights of its members.

Primary trade union organization “Sickle and Hammer” is a structural branch of “Zakhyst Pratsi”, which unites the people, who are working as the builders in Kiev.


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