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Ukraine: will there be a strike at METRO C&C?

Posted by admin на Липень 19, 2011

English translation was made by the Dnipropetrovsk union activists.

The Zakhyst Pratsy Trade Union (Defence of labour) in store #14 “METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine” in Dnepropetrovsk has fixed violation of labor and trade union legislation of Ukraine which were conducted in May 2011.

Without agreement with trade union and with violation of term the management of the store had changed timetable of working shifts of cashier. The employees were full of indignation because quantity of working shifts were raised that is means additional travel expenses and cutting down of rest-days. Moreover, because of new timetable the employees faced with confusion with time for lunch. “Some of employees don’t have a time for lunch more the 6 hour of non-stop work”, said Vladislav Voronin, the chairperson of the Zakhyst Pratsy trade union committee.

The trade union committee has appealed to the manager of the store S.Nikishin to stop violation. «In private talk the store manager told me that he will change nothing” – said Vladislav Voronin, “Even my argument that company spend additional expenses for the employees lunches wasn’t met with understanding”, told Vladislav.

Zakhyst Pratsy Trade union committee had interviewed employees and then prepared petition to the management. The employees put forward the following demands:

1. Wages must rise up on 50 percent;
2. To return bonuses for the year for all employees;
3. To set compensation for lunches equal UAH 25. If the employee does not wish to have a lunch at the dinners in “Metro” then pay him this compensation with salary;
4. Renewal the working clothing;
5. To give the special shoes or compensation for using own shoes;
6. To provide chairs at the workplaces for cashiers
7. To return working shifts of 12 hours for the cashiers;
8. To return the transport facilities for cashier who live in a residential area “Topol” after work at 23.00 hours;
9. Stop the practice of discrimination against employees by health insurance status and terms of appointment of health insurance, health insurance must set at the same level as for the management.
10. Set higher salaries for the mothers who came from leave to care for the child
11. Stop the practice of conducting banquets at the expense of the company solely for the company leadership, apart from workers, such a shameful humiliation of workers is unacceptable;
12. Schedule of working shift must be agreed with trade union not later then 15 of the previous month;
13. Stop the practice of “hidden” staff reduction and allocation of duties between remaining employees.
14. To provide legitimate rest breaks for cashiers and operators in accordance with sanitary norms of Ukraine;
15. To provide legitimate 4 days additional leave for cashiers and operators in accordance with sanitary norms of Ukraine;
16. Stop the pressure on the employees because they are union members.

As Vladislav Voronin informed the 76 of 200 employees sign petition with the demands to the management of Metro Cash and Carry Ukraine.

“Employees are determined and ready going through long way right up to the strike to solve their problems if they will not find solutions on the labor dispute through dialogue. Today morning petition was delivered to the management. We will look at the real actions on declared principles of the social partnership of Metro Cash and Carry”, said Vladislav.


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