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Oleg VERNYK. UKRAINIAN LEFT: From Zoo-Defense to Zoo-Attack!

Posted by admin на Січень 9, 2012

It’s time we overcame the problem of multi-vector orientation of practical-revolutionary activities in various emancipatory projects! Our mutual misunderstanding, mistrust, and, as a result, alienation, play only into the hands of authoritarian capitalist forces, savagely destroying both humans and animals for the sake of their profits…

For example, traditional “fighters against capitalism” have never understood the importance of a comprehensive study of its repression with regard to animals that are victims of the capitalist system to not a lesser extent than humans!

Even the very epithet of “the man (!)-hating capitalist system” reduced the objective perspective of the struggle for animal rights to non-social level, while a social struggle for the liberation of wage-labor / human emancipation was divorced from the struggle for fauna liberation.

In turn, the “animal advocates” did not understand and did not want to understand for a long time that the localization of animal problems into individual charitable projects does not solve the global problems of equal and tolerant communication along the “man-animal” divide.

Only the destruction of capitalism as a totalized global man-and animal-hating system can be a real start for the reformatting of our mutual existence!

It is this ideological (!) understanding of animal rights, coupled with real emancipatory and charitable practices, that may lead us to a dialectical resolution of this problem.

As of now, we have to formulate the slogans of our (!) struggle in the direction of protecting the rights and interests of animals, gradually bringing it out of the hands of bourgeois philistines and compassionate and apolitical old ladies! The bourgeois-liberal and pacifist, non-political “zoo-defense” should be unambiguously transformed into a revolutionary-liberation “ZOO-ATTACK”!

We now need to begin developing a truly revolutionary strategy and tactics of removing fauna from the shackles of the human market and human greed!

As a lawyer I welcome the European Convention for the Protection of Animals During International Transport, but as the revolutionary leftist I see in it a considerable number of weaknesses.

Firstly, animals still are not subjects of the law, but only objects of the right. That is, their protection by humans is derived not from their natural rights, but only from the mercy of humans themselves with regard to them … And, secondly, the very posing of the question about the comfortable transportation of, for instance, cattle, being carried in trains for slaughter, is extremely cynical and blasphemous.

Indeed, the aggression with which an Australian public is met with a fair offer by animal advocates to confer voting rights on great apes shows how many layers of human chauvinism toward animals (NOT lesser brothers and sisters of ours in the struggle for liberation), we, the Ukrainian Left, have to overcome…

However, the current format of zoo-defense, being based not on revolutionary-liberation and anti-capitalist principles, but on the religious-liberal and apolitical charity, alas, cannot overcome its localism and limitations. These forms of zoo-defense fail to overcome the paternalistic attitudes of humans towards animals. The disparity between us and animals is deliberately masked by this kind of “animal advocates” that skimp it with criminal paternalism and pink snot!

Only the strong intervention of the revolutionary Ukrainian Left into this issue can radically transform the situation and move zoo-defense forward in real anti-capitalist emancipatory direction.

Hence follow the tasks of different segments of the New Left Front:

A. Radical lawyers (the heirs of the famous RAF lawyers) need to focus on the struggle for progressive empowerment of the animal world for the sake of attaining legal personality. Caligula’s horse in the Senate of Rome and royal penguin Nils Olav as a Norwegian knight give an excellent material for the future legal provocation – a mother of the future zoo-revolution!

B. Organizers of animal shelters should gradually transform their attitude toward animal under their custody in order to achieve equal communitarian coexistence. Years of research by American scientists on chimpanzees’ conduct now justify the possibility of a more transparent communication between our two species. Human paternalism with regard to the animal world should be firmly replaced by a New Left philosophy of mutual communitarian coexistence of all living beings.

C. Biologists and researchers of higher nervous activity of living beings must now begin a careful study of various emancipatory forms of animal behavior under conditions of human (that is, capitalist!) repression.

A priority for study here should be forms and methods of resistance pets practice against “two-legged owners” imposed on them from outside. Hence arises a problem of exploring and cultivating a variety of animal liberation practices! However, these practices should not become a sort of self-sufficient reciprocal aggression against human as an animal of another species. Practical-revolutionary activity of animals should take place in close cooperation with the revolutionary vanguard of the human community.

A dolphin laying mines under an imperialist aircraft carrier should not be an obedient puppet in the hands of human, but an equal among equals, an anti-capitalist revolutionary fighter!

D. Street social activists-actionists should eschew using bourgeois-liberal forms and methods in their protests against the mass killing of animals, replacing them with a class-proletarian resistance! The issue of fur or seals should no longer be seen as a self-contained issue of fur or seals…

The dialectics of concrete and general allows us to reach the level of global understanding of the fact that it is capitalism that turns animals into a subsidiary means of meeting the different needs of men, which, in turn, are imposed on them by a repressive propaganda machine of brainwashing.

However, animals should participate in such protests together with human should also participate and animals, as a demonstrative disregard on the side of humans with regard to animals’ own emancipative capacity, as well as of their commitment to joint struggle, merely represents a slightly embellished copy of the same society of the spectacle …

E. Left and libertarian linguists should take all possible and impossible action for immediate negation of human self-identification as a separate species of «Homo sapiens» – ‘a wise man’. From the side, that is, from the point of view of animal world, such definition resembles a style of old jokes. However, nowadays it is not time for jokes!!

Humans, by postulating in their self-name such a characterization as “wise”, deliberately try to sketch a divide between humans and animals on the basis of the state of mind.

Even existence of a lot of outright morons in human society does not stop humans in their obsessive desire to self-affirmation at the expense of animals!

It is a task of revolutionary Ukrainian Left cadres to strongly and publicly declare that if the best minds of humanity for many centuries did not manage to cognize the fundamentals and principles of animal thinking, nor to set the normal communicative interaction with the animal world – then it is the problem of humans themselves and THEIR LOW AND PRIMITIVE LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE!

In such a situation only PRO-FASCIST bastards may continue to masturbate on their identity as “wise men”!!

However, t it would be a grave mistake for the revolutionary Ukrainian Left activists to follow a suit of a ridiculous German “Anti-Deutsche ” movement and take up arms against their own species. Neither a segregation of different species, nor the formation of stable intra-species phobias and complexes is an answer to our challenge. We must not allow our cadres to stray even in the slightest from our basic principles – the inter-species revolutionary-liberation interaction!

Humans using the kind of advantage (albeit a relative one!) at the start of a joint anti-capitalist struggle, must resolutely stop the practice of interspecies conflict in the animal world involving a formation of stable food links that lead to life through the death of one other! Let us eschew sophistry on the ‘objectivity’ of this situation! By bringing issues of sustainable food links from the biological level of organization of matter to its social level, we thus emancipate it from the blind biological laws, bringing it to the level of the laws of social order – the laws of social development. It is in these laws that a creative and meaningful activity of the wise(!) humans on transforming the world – of the world in its noospheric broadest sense, – expresses itself.

In a society of positive humanism, which overcame the capital, the existence of one species of animals will cease to be sustained by the death of others!

Mutual communitarian inter-species co-existence is thus our strategic goal in the course of anti-capitalist struggle in the direction of the ZOO-ATTACK strategy!

And the title of «Homo sapiens» – ‘a wise man’ – should henceforth be conferred only upon a human who not only acknowledges the patterns of collective coexistence of humans and animals based on their collective ownership of the means of production and their total self-government, but also implements these principles in his/her actual practice.

Author: Oleh Vernyk

Source: “Zakhyst Pratsi”


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