Профспілка "Захист Праці" (UNI, IUF)


LETTER OF SOLIDARITY: Express protest against the dismissal of trade union activists on MUC «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport»

Posted by workres на Серпень 28, 2015

Acting Mayor
of Dnepropetrovsk
Bulavka G.I.
Karl Marx av.,75

Head of the depot №3
Municipal utility company
«Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport»
Avramenko Y.B.
Voitsekhovich str., 67,


Dear Mrs.Bulavka, dear Mr. Avramenko,

I’ve found out that the head of MUC «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport» Avramenko Y.B. 04/08/2015 signed a decree on dismissal of head of trade union Hrytsynher Svetlana pretext of «non-performance of job duties» (paragraph 3 of Article 40 of the Labor Code of Ukraine), which is not only slander and insult the dignity of professional workers, but also a direct violation of the Labor Code and the Law «On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees», prohibiting the dismissal of the heads of primary trade union organization without the consent of a higher trade union organization. As I was informed by representatives of trade union «Zahyst Pratsi», the management of «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport» didn’t ask for such consent. The center of the independent trade union was registered in late June 2015. Outraged that Svetlana worked in the company about 17.5 years and has of disability 3 groups. Pressure from management was so rude that when a «conversation» took place, Svetlana was made to call the ambulance in the depot.

A week after the dismissal of trade union leader there was a dismissal of Deputy Head of the primary organization of trade union. A woman, who worked as conductor in the depot №3, was dismissed because of cynically use of Article 41 of the Labor Code («loss of confidence»), which may be applied only to workers in senior positions.

I recent by the outrage and cynical fact of unlawful harassment of employees is the basis of their belonging to the independent trade union. Those actions create a precedent cynical disregard for the rights of employees and calls into question the ability of Ukraine to ensure the application of existing labor law, and especially respect for the best European practices.

I ask you to:

1. Take immediate measures to eliminate committed violations and restore rights workers.


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