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Ukraine: We Must Stop the Government´s Offensive Against People´s Labor Rights

Posted by workres на 28 Червня, 2020

By Oleg Vernik, Vitali Dudin. Labor Defense Union

This article is being written while a great scandal has just broken out in Ukraine. The chairperson of the Parliamentary Commission for Social Policy, Galina Tretyakova, author of the anti-union bill No. 2681, has publicly stated that “poor quality” children are born to poor Ukrainian families in need of state social assistance. In addition, she has said that she is impressed by Singapore’s experience with its forced sterilization of mothers who cannot raise their children without state support.

In this context of sad analogies with eugenics, Hitler’s pseudoscience, the attack by the presidential party “Servant of the People” against the labor rights of Ukrainian citizens seems absolutely expected. Over the past 15 years, successive bourgeois authorities in Ukraine have been trying to “modernize” Ukraine’s labor legislation and, first of all, decree the invalidity of the rules of the Labor Code that has been in force since 1971. Of course, the 1971 U has already been updated many times and, step by step, it has been losing its functions of protecting workers’ labor rights. However, at this time, the Code remains our outpost in the fight against liberalization of industrial relations in Ukraine exclusively in favor of employers.

What anti-union innovations does the Servant of the People party offer in its draft of Law No. 2681?

1. The powers of union committees (elected union bodies) to require company owners to terminate the employment contract with the head of the company if the latter violates labor laws are revoked;

2. An absolutely senseless restriction is introduced on the formation of more than two unions in one company. Currently, many major Ukrainian companies may even have over 10 different union organizations. In other words, the bosses will create 2 “yellow” unions, while other militant unions will no longer be able to organize in the company;

3. Union committees will lose their right to coordinate the application of disciplinary sanctions (reprimands) to members of union committees;

4. The dismissal of the members of the union committees will be carried out without the agreement of the superior organism of the union;

5. To create a primary union organization, it will take at least ten members, and not three like today. This will result in the impossibility of founding unions in small companies and in autonomous subdivisions of companies.

6. Unions will no longer control the activities of canteens, residences, kindergartens and other social facilities belonging to the company;

7. Unions will not be allowed to require employers to submit documents on workers’ working conditions;

8. Unions will no longer control payroll and state social security accounts;

9. Obligatory deductions of companies to the primary union organizations for the organization of cultural, sports and recreational activities will cease;

10. The ban on bosses from firing former union committee members for 1 year will be removed.

11. The employer will no longer pay union committee members for 6 days a year that are assigned for union training.

Not all the anti-labor innovations in the draft of the criminal law number 2681 promoted by the parliamentary group of the presidential party are listedhere. Today, union rights are under constant attack. Due to irrelevant cases of breach of guarantees and even persecution of trade unions, Ukraine, along with Belarus, occupy the lowest positions in Europe in the ranking of the Global Rights Index of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC Global Rights Index – 2019). A wave of neoliberal reforms by the Zelensky government suffocates Ukraine. However, every day the resistance to this offensive against the popular masses is being strengthened. Both the post-Soviet Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions and the new independent unions have come together to counter the government’s plans. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and its leader Sharan Burrow have clearly declared to the whole world: “Any successive promotion of the project of Law No. 2681 without a real and significant participation of the unions, as well as its inconsistency with labor standards and the Constitution of Ukraine, will undermine Ukraine’s reputation as a trusted international and trade partner.

Workers and unions face decisive battles for the preservation of the labor rights of Ukrainian workers. From unity our strength is born!

Ukraine: We Must Stop the Government´s Offensive Against People´s Labor Rights


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Ukraine: Forest Fires Near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Posted by workres на 21 Квітня, 2020

A verdict on Ukrainian capitalism.

By Oleg Vernik, President of the Independent Union of Ukraine “Zahist Pracі” (“Labor Protection”)

For two weeks, a true ecological tragedy unfolded in Ukraine with massive forest fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The fires swept huge wooded areas and closely surrounded the nuclear power plant that was destroyed in 1986. The riskiest thing now is a large deposit of radioactive waste, which will represent a danger not only for our country, but also for the whole of Europe, if the fires reach it .

For two weeks, nationally mobilized fire brigades fought the fire desperately, but only the rain and snow that fell on April 14 were able to stop it. On that same date, in the evening, President Volodímir Zelensky spoke on television, reported on the end of the incident and thanked the weather for the great help in extinguishing the fire. But on April 15, the fire resumed and more than 500 firefighters are still fighting it heroically.

The Chernobyl fire revealed all the direct failures and crimes of Ukraine’s capitalist authorities. First, it must be taken into account that the real causes of these fires are associated with illegal deforestation in the exclusion zone: forests are radioactive and their use is strictly prohibited. However, several Ukrainian companies involved in the timber trade have indiscriminately cut down the trees and used them in construction, including using false documents to export radioactive wood to countries of the European Union as firewood or building material. In order to avoid getting caught for deforesting illegally, these “businessmen” cover up their crimes year after year with large fires that hide their extreme action under water.

Of course, there is a strong corruption actively involved here that has been neutralizing the oversight of police and prosecutors for many years. This winter there was practically no snow, the dryness in the forests became very dangerous and facilitated the spread of fires, but this did not stop the Ukrainian bourgeoisie of the forest industry. The arson caused a terrible ecological disaster, and to think about what might happen in the near future is terrifying.

Second, firefighters do not have adequate technical equipment to deal with the fire. Ukraine lacks extinction helicopters. The entrances to the affected areas do not even have roads, so water pumping vehicles often cannot enter. The fireproof clothing is very old, it does not resist high temperatures. Fire trucks are very old, some no longer have job utility and should have been scrapped long ago. Even so, they continue in activity, since there is no budget in the most corrupt and poorest country in Europe to buy new, more modern units. But the authorities always have money to raise the salaries of high officials and buy expensive foreign cars.

The fire in the vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the evident inability of the Ukrainian bourgeois government to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, place the task of socialist transformation before the Ukrainian people. The peripheral model of Ukrainian capitalism leads to a further aggravation of the situation, to the total impoverishment of the workers and to the strengthening of foreign governance. Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine was compounded by the financial dictates of the International Monetary Fund. A growing number of Ukrainian workers, youth and union activists understand the need for a decisive rejection of capitalism. The disaster caused by the fires, with the threat over Chernobyl, has strengthened and confirmed this understanding, as well as our determination.

Ukraine: Forest Fires Near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

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Ukraine: «Zakhyst Pratsy» («Labor defence») indicates multiple violations of labor rights of workers!

Posted by workres на 24 Лютого, 2019

On February 20, 2019 Oleg Vernyk, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union «Zakhyst Pratsy» («Labor defence»), took part in a meeting of the Working Group-4 of the Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-EU Civil Society Platform, where a discussion of the Report on the violation of trade union and labor rights in Ukraine was held.

During the stormy discussion and discussion of the proposals of its participants, the representative of «Zakhyst Pratsy» was able to update the following problems of the modern trade union movement to include them in the latest version. Reports:



  1. Violation of the rights of newly created trade unions to join existing collective agreements in enterprises and to participate in the process of adopting new collective agreements.
  2. The impossibility of the legal organizing of the strikes in Ukraine through the existing legislative regulation, which actually makes it impossible to conduct them.
  3. Strengthening the rough practice of employer’s civil lawsuits against trade unions in order to prohibit trade unions from using in their names the name of the enterprise where they are created.
  4. Strengthening by the judiciary the practice of gross disregard for the current labor legislation of Ukraine in the field of guarantees to members of elected trade union bodies from dismissal and the imposition by employers of other disciplinary penalties.

We inform that the work of WG-4 on the final version of the document should end within a few days.

Press service All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union «Zakhyst Pratsi»  

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Chortkiv district council against the shameful closure of UkrSibbank in Chortkiv !!!

Posted by workres на 11 Червня, 2018

The scandal about the brutal closure of Branch number 79 of UkrSibbank JSC (BNP Paribas) due to the entry of bank employees into an independent trade union “«Labor defence»” is gaining momentum.

In particular, Chortkiv district council unanimously stood on the side of the Chortkiv employees of the UkrSibbank. Already for the second time head of Chortkiv District Council V.M. Shepeta has sent very timid letter to the management of JSC “UkrSibbank” (BNP Paribas) with requirement to clarify the situation.

We remind that all this time Branch number 79 of JSC “UkrSibbank” (BNP Paribas) was profitable and lucrative, and it occupied a dominant segment on the market of banking services in the Chortkiv district of the Ternopil region.

Management of JSC “UkrSibbank” (BNP Paribas) shortly after receiving information that employees of the department massively joined the ranks of the independent trade union “«Labor defence»” took the brutal decision about closing of the  branch.

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Stop Trade Union members discrimination in UkrSibbank BNP Paribas!

Posted by workres на 21 Травня, 2018

On the 17-th of May 2018 Trade Union has carried out picketing of offices of JSC “UkrSibbank” (Andriivskaya str. 2/12) and the EBRD (Antonovicha str. 46-A).
The purpose of the measures was to stop the systemic pressure aiming the forced release and other cases of mobbing aginst the members of the Primary trade union organization of workers of PJSC “UkrSibbank” All-Ukrainian independent trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi”(Labor defense)(hereinafter Trade Union), since such actions violate of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Labor Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Trade Unions , their rights and guarantees of operation “, as well as the policies of the BNP Paribas Group and the EBRD, which are shareholders of JSC” UkrSibbank “.
We stand firmly against the closure of a profitable branch of the bank №79, located in the city of Chortkiv in the Ternopil region, which is explained by odious and antisocial so-called. “Strategy of the Bank Development”. In fact, it is well known to everyone that the idea of ​​liquidation of the Chortkiv Branch of the Bank № 79 arose in the Administration of UkrSibbank only after the employees of the Branch #79 have joined Trade Union in order to protect their labor rights and interests.

Trade Union expresses its sincere gratitude to All-Ukrainian trade unions “Svoboda Pratsi”(Freedom of Labor), the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) and “People’s Solidarity” for the joint support of our action.

Our requirements are simple and understandable:

 Immediately stop anti-European discriminatory practices in UkrSibbank. 
 To conduct official investigations of violations against the Trade Union. 
 To cancel the order concerning the closure of Branch number 79 as violating the legal rights and interests of the UkrSibbank employees. 
 Give the opportunity to work normally, which is the guaranteed right of every citizen in accordance with Art. 43 of the Constitution of Ukraine. 
 Establish a transparent and understandable system for raising wages and and paying the bonuses.

Press service of the All-Ukrainian independent trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi”(Labor defense).

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Resolution of the Round Table “Efficiency of international technical assistance of the European Union as a factor of reforms …”

Posted by workres на 26 Березня, 2018

In 2014, the Association Agreement was signed between the European Union and Ukraine, which represents a broad and far-reaching action plan for European integration of Ukraine.

At the same time the European Commission approved an ambitious decision to provide Ukraine with a package of support of € 11 billion “over the next few years”. Later this amount was increased to 12.8 billion.

International technical assistance, as well as direct budget support provided by the EU to Ukraine in various sectors, is an important part of this plan.

According to the Government of Ukraine, in particular in 2017, Ukraine received from the EU international technical assistance for 174 million euro.

The Single support framework for Ukraine 2018-2020, adopted by the European Commission in December 2017, provides for Ukraine from 430 to 530 million euro during this period.

Thus, the EU carries out significant expenditures in support of reforms, aimed at promoting European integration of Ukraine, including non-repayable assistance in the forms of international technical assistance and direct budget support.

At the same time, many Ukrainian citizens, including representatives of civil society organizations, do not see how EU programs and projects would help them to promote European reforms in their particular areas of interest.

Thus, the effectiveness of EU technical assistance to Ukraine is, at the moment, a growing concern of civil society.

This is happens, in particular, because:

  1. The “General Architecture” of technical assistance of the EU to Ukraine is not enough transparent for the general public in Ukraine, namely: it is unclear basing on what principles the overall amount of funds provided for the implementation of broadly formulated priorities is in practice distributed among individual projects. In simple words, for the organization of civil society, representing the interests of people involved in a particular field, it is often not clear whether they can count on any support for the implementation of exactly those provisions of the Association Agreement, which directly affect them.
  2. Planning of the EU projects in Ukraine does not include any clear procedure of consultations with civil society. Therefore, representatives of interested organizations representing different interest groups receive each project as something ready and complete without their participation, although they have the status of “shareholders” or “beneficiaries” according to the terminology used by the European Commission.
  3. Plans and budgets of projects are usually not transparent, so interested civil society organizations often can not know what will happen within this or that project in three months or half a year. There is usually no information what concrete quantitative and qualitatively measurable results are intended to achieve by implementation of a particular project.
  4. There is no procedure for how interested civil society organizations can initiate adjustments to the plans for implementing EU projects in Ukraine directly in the way of their implementation.
  5. Completion of the projects is usually not accompanied by publication of a sufficiently detailed report, displaying what exactly has been implemented within its framework and what positive consequences it has led to, or whether these reports do not give a clear idea of the final outcomes of the project.

Under these circumstances, the civil society organizations, whose representatives met in Kyiv on March 19, 2018, at the Round Table “Efficiency of international technical assistance of the European Union as a factor of reforms and rapprochement between the EU and Ukraine” state, that they are seeking more involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs EU in Ukraine in the relevant fields.

To this end, the participants of the Round Table agreed to deepen their interaction and coordinate their efforts to establish the necessary dialogue with the EU and the Ukrainian government.

In particular, as the first step, the Round Table participants are calling on the Civil Society Platform and the Parliamentary Committee of the Association to consider in detail the issue of international technical assistance given by the EU to Ukraine at one of the forthcoming meetings.

Made in Kyiv, 19 March 2018


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Posted by workres на 11 Березня, 2018

A regional European Assembly of Resistance (AoR) was held in Budapest (Hungary) on March 2-4, 2018, a delegation of the All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union “Zahist pratzi” (“Labour defense”) consisting of the coordinator of the all-Ukrainian independent trade union “Zahist pratzi” Andrii Ishchenko and a member of the feminine department of the all-Ukrainian independent trade union “Zahist pratzi” Inna Valeshkovskaya took part in its work from Ukraine. Among the participants there were representatives of the left and social organizations of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Sweden.

As it was expected, the most heated discussion was on the “Ukrainian issue”. The representative of the pro-Russian party “The Union of Left Forces” (Sergei Markin), living outside Ukraine and claiming that the fascist regime is already established in Ukraine and their party is being persecuted and works underground, tried to add to the text of the final resolution paragraphs which would shift the emphases of the final resolutions from social-class priorities to civilizational ones. On the contrary, the representative of the All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union “Zahist pratzi” (Andrii Ishchenko), who came to Budapest from Ukraine, focused on the fact that the right regime in Ukraine, although slipping increasingly into authoritarianism and carrying out ultra-capitalist reforms, tries to preserve democratic decorations and at this time isn’t distinguished by its nature from right-wing authoritarian regimes in the surrounding Ukraine Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and there are no sufficient grounds to believe that the regime in Ukraine has already turned into the regime of an open terrorist dictatorship since left and trade union activists operate in Ukraine by legal methods of work; they consider suicidal to drive themselves into the underground and will make maximum use of the remaining opportunities for legal struggle for the rights of Ukrainian workers in spite of the growing pressure of an authoritarian anti-democratic regime and persecution of trade union activists in different parts of Ukraine. As a result of an acute open controversy and a lengthy discussion of practically all participants of the meeting the final text of the General Resolution of the Assembly of Resistance retained its class-social orientations and accents of genuine proletarian internationalism and was not led into seeking of “progressive” imperialism and the struggle of civilizations.

Based on the results of the three-days work, the text of the Final Declaration of the General Meeting of the Assembly of Resistance was adopted, in which the participants stated the crisis of the political and parliamentary left wing practically in all countries of the world, the ubiquitous reduction of the social state (even in Sweden) and the need for joint international actions in which the “overthrow” of authoritarian systems can begin socially only with a broad, mass movement of public self-defense.

Participants in a representative regional international meeting in Budapest adopted four main directions of joint actions:

1) In the economy – the fight against the oligarchic economy and its replacement by a mixed multi-sector economy, creating of a pluralistic ownership structure for broader groups of society, in other words the necessity of freedom in organizing cooperatives in all spheres of economy;

2) In social policy – the struggle to improve the living conditions of the social groups which are below. Instead of various forms of bourgeois nationalism, racism, ethnic folly, the persecution of Roma and migrants, the most important public task of the left wing – regardless of politics – is to ensure the cultural growth of the population, the establishment of civilian “people’s” educational structures and self-education groups;

3) In the political field – the concept of political democracy needs to be supplemented with concepts of economic and cultural democracy, so that everyone could be involved in “democracy”, and not just “elected” ones. Authoritarian regimes and their excluding constitutions must be rejected. Social rights should be fixed in the constitutions and they must be implemented;

4) In the field of social base – the main reliance of the anticapitalist left wing are trade unions and public organizations. If the left forces do not act as a spokesman of the interests of people living on wages or labor incomes, workers and unemployed, thereby they destroy themselves.

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Final declaration of the 2nd International Miners’ Conference

Posted by workres на 13 Лютого, 2017


Godavari Khani, India, 2nd to 5th of February 2017

The 2nd International Miners’ Conference has come to a conclusion successfully. This time it took
place in Godavari Khani, India, with about 5000 participants and 38 delegates of the miners’ movement from 16 countries. 8 delegations from different countries could not be present due to various reasons – either because their governments prevented them or because their visas had been denied by the Indian embassy, while others were unable to take leave from their job. About 60 countries took part in the preparation process.

In India, the National Preparatory Committee, consisting of 10 organizations, made huge efforts and generated great power and unity. They mobilized thousands of workers and their families, as well as the masses to realize a great campaign of propaganda and collection of resources in order to support the international movement of mine workers. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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Trade Union Conference in Kyiv: “Modernization of Ukrainian labour legislation: view of trade union and labour law specialists”

Posted by workres на 16 Грудня, 2016




3 December 2016 All-Ukrainian trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi” (“Defense of Labour) conducted its final conference in in Kyiv in the framework with common project with Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (Germany) “Modernization of Ukrainian labour legislation: view of trade union and labour law specialists”.

Both those activists, which were declared as researchers in the framework of this project or participated in the previous regional roundtables and a lot of new activists of independent trade union movement, connection with which we found in the process of project realization, participated in the conference work.

In particular, the activists of following Ukrainian trade unions, civil unions and left-wing parties, participated in the conference work:

  • AUITU “Zakhyst Pratsi” (trade union branches at PJSC “Ukrsybbank” (Kyiv), Living-Exploitation Company # 109 (Kyiv), “Pivdenmash (Dnipro)
  • ATU “People Solidarity” (trade union branch of converter shop of PJSC “Metallurgic Company “Azovstal” (Mariupol).
  • Independent trade union at PJSC “Mondelis Ukraine” (Trostianets, Сумська область)
  • Independent miners trade union (city organization, Kryvyi Rig)
  • All-Ukrainian Trade Union Confederation (Kyiv)
  • Trade union of Ukrainian land relations industry (Kyiv)
  • National Trade Union Confederation of Ukraine (Dnipro, Kyiv)
  • All-Ukrainian trade union of attested police workers (regional organization, Mykolaiv)
  • Trade union of aircraft builders of Ukraine (FTUU, Kyiv)
  • Independent trade union “Solidarity” of Black Sea ship-building plant (Mykolaiiv)
  • Independent trade union of Mariupol sea port (Mariupol)
  • Independent trade union Mykolaiiv sea port (Mykolaiiv)
  • Strike committee of “Khersonelektrotrans” plant (Kherson)
  • Civil council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
  • Workers Party (Kyiv, Mykolaiiv, Dnipro)
  • Social-Democratic Party (Kyiv)
  • Organizational committee of Social Movement party (Kyiv, Kryvyi Rig).

 The following persons had spoken at the conference:

Dmytro Filipchuk – the Chairman of Trade union of Ukrainian land relations industry

Petro Petrychenko – the Chairman of National Trade Union Confederation of Ukraine and

Grygorii Kabanchenko – the Chairman of Civil council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

 We’d received comradely greetings from following fraternal organizations: 

  • independent workers trade union of Kazakhstan “Zhanartu” (Mukhtar Umbetov and Ainur Kurmanov)
  • general national French trade union l’Union syndicale Solidaires (from the name of trade union its Chairman Verveine Angeli)
  • left-wing parliament party Red Green Alliance, Denmark (from the name of party’s international secretariat – Mikael Hertoft)
  • The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (Great Britain) (from the name of organization its founder Marco Bojcun).

 Main reports at the conference was done by the researchers: Natalia Agnyshchenko – the Chairman of Women Bureau of AUITU “Zakhyst Pratsi” (“Gender aspect in new Labour Code draft: remarks and propositions of social active and trade union activists” and Vitalii Dudin – the lawyer of the Center of social and labour researches (“Selective adoption of European experience as the way of labour rights shortening”). Third report was done by the Chairman of the Central Coordination Committee of all-Ukrainian trade union “People Solidarity” Oleksii Kliashtornyi (“Persoectives and dangers of new Labour Code”).

The panel discussion on the topic “Modern problems of Ukrainian labour legislation reforming: general Ukrainian and regional aspects” with attraction with regional conference participants was made under the moderation of lawyer – human rights defender Oleksandr Palii.

Undoubtedly, the conference has shown high ability of the activists of Ukrainian independent trade unions in the direction of further struggle against anti-worker and anti-union new Labour Code draft. The connections between activists of different Ukrainian trade unions considerable improved during 2016 since start of our common project realization. The problems of analysis of new Labour Code draft indeed was very important and actual for integration of the activists of Ukrainian independent trade unions on all-Ukrainian level. Both newly established and quite experienced trade unions form different regions of Ukraine at the first time received real possibility to coordinate its efforts for widening among working class masses real and true information regarding this predator and anti-worker new Labour Code draft.

Independent Ukrainian trade unions, left-wing activists as well as professional and honest scientists – law researchers succeed during very short period of time to create the coalition of trade union organizations, civil unions and even political forces, mainly left-wing, which meaningly and sharply stood against power’s attempts to shift off their numerous failures in state’s social policy into shoulders of millions ordinary workers.

31 May 2016 the Appeal of Ukrainian national platform of civil society forum of Eastern Partnership regarding new Ukrainian Labour Code draft was published. This appeal first time directly declares that both text of this draft and hidden and non-democratic order of its viewing in the Parliament of Ukraine provokes serious disturbing from the side of different Ukrainian civil society institutions.

With the help of series protest actions and powerful informational efforts in the beginning of autumn 2016 our trade union succeed to call quite massive Ukrainian society resonance directly to the issue of expediency ща new Labour Code adoption under hard present situation. In the end of September 2016 the parliament faction of Oleg Liashko’s Radical Party resolutely refused to vote for this draft of Labour Code in the second reading. And it’s necessary to note that just our principled and persevering position called and secured making of this decision.

All-Ukrainian conference became very successful and breakthrough. Independent Ukrainian trade unions has begun to select among all its membership it’s those militant part, which is really ready right now to begin coordinated struggle among for the plenty of issue of social and labour rights of Ukrainian workers. We’ll win if we struggle!


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Round Table Discussion «Modernisation of the Labour Market regulation and adaptation of the labour legislation of Ukraine to the EU norms and standards»

Posted by workres на 8 Листопада, 2016



Round Table Discussion 
«Modernisation of the Labour Market regulation and adaptation of the labour legislation of Ukraine to the EU norms and standards»

Kyiv, November 7, 2016

On the threshold of the Third Meeting of the Civil Society Platform EU-Ukraine (which will be held on November 8-9, 2016 in Kyiv) the participants of the roundtable «Modernisation of the Labour Market regulation and adaptation of the labour legislation of Ukraine to the EU norms and standards», held on November 7, 2016 at the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the assistance of the Public Council under the Ministry, propose the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform to recommend to the Council of the Association after extensive consultation with the public, which should start as soon as possible, to include in the agenda of the Association for 2017 the following steps in fulfilment of obligations of the Parties put by the Agreement:  Прочитати решту цього запису »

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