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Posted by workres на Травень 6, 2016

More than 100 members of the independent trade union “ZAKHYST PRATSI” («Defense of Labour») and workers’ trade unions from different industrial plants held on a demonstration devoted to solidarity and struggle for the working class (employees) rights. Among them were regional representatives from The Southern engeneering plant, Dnipropetrovsk metallurgical plant of Petrovskiy, Dnipropetrovsk tube-rolling plant “Interpaip”, private research-and-production enterprise “Dnepropress” and the utility enterprise “Dneproelectrotransport”. Their demonstration had a great success.

Despite big pressure, made on the organizers and the atmosphere of fear, the column of demonstrators held on the square near “Raketa” park. They marched along the city streets towards the city and the regional administrations where meetings took place. The participants of the action had trade union, national, red and black flags in their hands. In not a standard form they left a big resolution, which had the length 3 on 3 meters. During the march, the activists advanced different slogans, such as: “Oligarchs must be removed from power”, “More rights for workers to improve our life”, “Where our salary”, “No to the slavery labour codex”, “Yes to workers struggle, no – to capitalism”, “Gang must go away from Verchovna Rada”, “Freedom for working class” and other.

Among the representatives several people made speeches. Alexei Simvolkov, Andrii Ishchenko, Igor Parhomenko, Andrii But and Eugene Derkach in their emochional speeches steered the masses to make more active protests against the slavery labour codex which oligarchy wanted to adopt in parliament in its interests, to continue working struggle and solidarity among the working class. They also proposed to expand the work of the independent trade unions.

As the result of the 1st of May in Dnepropetrovsk we can make a conclusion that actions of independent trade unions and anti-oligarh protests unite people with different views.


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Colombia: Free academic and unionist Miguel Ángel Beltrán!!!

Posted by workres на Березень 10, 2016

Dr Miguel Ángel Beltrán, a Colombian academic and member of the higher education union ASPU, was arrested on charges of rebellion in July 2015 and unjustly sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment in a high security prison in Bogota. Dr Beltrán was recently on a hunger strike to demand a fair review of his case, and the improvement of detention conditions for all prisoners in general. Dr Beltrán is an outspoken critic of the Colombian government and has dedicated much of his research to conflict and turmoil within the country. Colombia has one of the highest rates of violence against teachers and trade unionists.
Dr Beltrán was first arrested in May 2009 on charges of rebellion and conspiracy. Despite being cleared of all charges in 2011, he was removed from his position at the National University of Colombia and still suffers a politically-motivated ban preventing him from serving at any public universities in Colombia. Education International (EI) calls on you to urge the government and judicial authorities of the Republic of Colombia to urgently review the judicial case against Dr Miguel Ángel Beltrán, professor at the National University of Colombia, and to authorise his immediate release. Education International has made a formal request for his case to be reviewed, for his release and for the restitution of his civil and academic rights.


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Posted by workres на Лютий 14, 2016


There have been large protests by workers of the Ukrainian State Enterprise “Southern Machine-Building Plant Makarov” on February 11th at Dnipropetrovsk City Council. The workers have been protesting against unpaid wages – a massive problem in Ukraine. After previous actions the workers secured some wages owed for January, however this was not all the money they were owed by their employer which cover almost four months of wages.

Following their protests the workers received certain assurances and decided to suspend their protest activities. They received payment for January but workers are waiting for full repayment.

Yevgen Derkach of the Defence of Labour (Zakhyst Pratsi) Trade Union in Dnipropetrovsk which represents the workers said they will “We endure as two-week break and will look at the situation. If they pay the debt good, but we still have many questions about our company that we will raise, in particular, the reorganisation of the plant “.

In 2015 the workers held more than ten protest against non-payment of wages in Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv. Situation due to financial difficulties – the company lacked orders for products from state and commercial organizations. In October 2014, during President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the production of the plant will be included in the state defence order.





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LETTER OF SOLIDARITY: Express protest against the dismissal of trade union activists on MUC «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport»

Posted by workres на Серпень 28, 2015

Acting Mayor
of Dnepropetrovsk
Bulavka G.I.
Karl Marx av.,75

Head of the depot №3
Municipal utility company
«Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport»
Avramenko Y.B.
Voitsekhovich str., 67,


Dear Mrs.Bulavka, dear Mr. Avramenko,

I’ve found out that the head of MUC «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport» Avramenko Y.B. 04/08/2015 signed a decree on dismissal of head of trade union Hrytsynher Svetlana pretext of «non-performance of job duties» (paragraph 3 of Article 40 of the Labor Code of Ukraine), which is not only slander and insult the dignity of professional workers, but also a direct violation of the Labor Code and the Law «On Trade Unions, their Rights and Guarantees», prohibiting the dismissal of the heads of primary trade union organization without the consent of a higher trade union organization. As I was informed by representatives of trade union «Zahyst Pratsi», the management of «Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport» didn’t ask for such consent. The center of the independent trade union was registered in late June 2015. Outraged that Svetlana worked in the company about 17.5 years and has of disability 3 groups. Pressure from management was so rude that when a «conversation» took place, Svetlana was made to call the ambulance in the depot.

A week after the dismissal of trade union leader there was a dismissal of Deputy Head of the primary organization of trade union. A woman, who worked as conductor in the depot №3, was dismissed because of cynically use of Article 41 of the Labor Code («loss of confidence»), which may be applied only to workers in senior positions.

I recent by the outrage and cynical fact of unlawful harassment of employees is the basis of their belonging to the independent trade union. Those actions create a precedent cynical disregard for the rights of employees and calls into question the ability of Ukraine to ensure the application of existing labor law, and especially respect for the best European practices.

I ask you to:

1. Take immediate measures to eliminate committed violations and restore rights workers.

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Oleg VERNYK. UKRAINIAN LEFT: From Zoo-Defense to Zoo-Attack!

Posted by admin на Січень 9, 2012

It’s time we overcame the problem of multi-vector orientation of practical-revolutionary activities in various emancipatory projects! Our mutual misunderstanding, mistrust, and, as a result, alienation, play only into the hands of authoritarian capitalist forces, savagely destroying both humans and animals for the sake of their profits…

For example, traditional “fighters against capitalism” have never understood the importance of a comprehensive study of its repression with regard to animals that are victims of the capitalist system to not a lesser extent than humans! Прочитати решту цього запису »

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“Zakhyst Pratsy” trade union: solidarity with romanian REAL workers from Ukraine

Posted by admin на Грудень 19, 2011

We, the workers at Metro CC Ukraine and the members of Central Committee of “Zakhyst Pratsy” trade union (UNI) (Kiev, Ukraine)  stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers at REAL Romania and their union.

Workers at Real Romania have a right to spend the Holidays with their families and friends!!

Christmas Day as well as New Year’s Day are considered to be the most important holidays in Romania, when all the family gets together and enjoys the celebrations.

Only a good work-life balance for workers enables companies to be successful, and that includes respect for family values and local and European cultures traditions. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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Oleg Vernyk: On the Key Tendencies in the Development of Capitalist Global Macro-Economy

Posted by admin на Грудень 2, 2011

Without doubt, a discussion on the main tendencies of modern global capitalism that has been recently revived in the left-wing Internet communities is to be lauded and encouraged. It is obvious that in order to overcome the repressive power of the totalized system of global capitalism, it is necessary to understand its objective traits and patterns of development. With this in mind, the Ukrainian Left Movement would like to propound its own vision of the number of key tendencies within the modern capitalist global economy. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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Ukraine: will there be a strike at METRO C&C?

Posted by admin на Липень 19, 2011

English translation was made by the Dnipropetrovsk union activists.

The Zakhyst Pratsy Trade Union (Defence of labour) in store #14 “METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine” in Dnepropetrovsk has fixed violation of labor and trade union legislation of Ukraine which were conducted in May 2011.

Without agreement with trade union and with violation of term the management of the store had changed timetable of working shifts of cashier. The employees were full of indignation because quantity of working shifts were raised that is means additional travel expenses and cutting down of rest-days. Moreover, because of new timetable the employees faced with confusion with time for lunch. “Some of employees don’t have a time for lunch more the 6 hour of non-stop work”, said Vladislav Voronin, the chairperson of the Zakhyst Pratsy trade union committee. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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“ZAKHYST PRATSI”: “Boryspil”’s builders are threaten by police to leave without money

Posted by admin на Липень 11, 2011

“Boryspil”’s airport builders are threaten by police to not pay their salary.

It is the sense of Kiev city trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi” (Defence of Labour) declaration.

Some trade union members have informed “Zakhyst Pratsi” about “systematic violations of labour legislation” at the building in “Boryspil” airport, which is conducted in the framework of Ukrainian preparations for Euro-2012.

According to builders, the employer refuses to sign official contract with them and doesn’t pay the salary. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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23-24 October – the conference of Ukrainian left and trade union activists

Posted by admin на Вересень 27, 2010

23-24 October – the conference of Ukrainian left and trade union activists

Attention! The invitation!

The conference of Ukrainian left and trade union activist “From the left” will be held 23-24 October in Dnepropetrovsk. This conference will be dedicated to the issue of establishment the united left and trade union fight front. Прочитати решту цього запису »

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